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Kerry Boyle D.Ac., M.S., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., CYT

Dr. Kerry Boyle is a national board-certified Licensed Acupuncturist. Dr. Boyle graduated in acupuncture and integrative medicine from Bastyr University in 2003. She specializes in women’s health and pain management and runs a private practice Integrative Acupuncture in Vermont.


  • Bastyr University, BS, MD
  • Pacific College of Health and Science, DAc


  • Doctor of Acupuncture
  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • NCCAOM National Board Certified Acupuncturist
  • Certified Yoga Teacher

Professional Accomplishments

  • Published an article in the Journal of Chinese Medicine: “Acupuncture and Lifestyle Modification for POTS” (October 2021)


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