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Best Natural Essential Oils for Allergy

Posted by Ocean Cong on
Best Natural Essential Oils for Allergy

An allergy is a chronic condition when the body has an abnormal reaction to an ordinarily harmless substance called an allergen. Allergens can come in many forms, such as dust mites, mold, grass pollen, and even certain forms of food. As our immune system produces antibodies when allergies happen, our immune system makes antibodies that detect certain allergens as harmful thought it is not.

Common Symptoms of Allergies

Symptoms of an allergic reaction may manifest in forms of inflammation and irritation such as a blocked or congested nose, itchy eyes, and nose, a runny nose, swollen and watery eyes. Allergies are a nuisance to everyone experiencing it, the reactions that are caused by them are annoying, and often can ruin your day. 

Essential Oils – Alternative to Medicated Remedies

There are many remedies for allergic reactions, both natural and pharmaceutical. Natural remedies have increased in popularity more and more in recent years, and amongst them are essential oils which can be the best medications for allergies.

Natural essential oils may be used for natural allergy relief, as they have anti-inflammatory properties as well as air-purifying properties. Essential oils are very versatile in terms of application, amongst them are to diffuse them into the air, incorporating them into bath and spa products, applying it on the skin after dilution, spraying them into the air, or even breathing them directly from the bottle itself.

Here are a selected few that are known to be the best essential oils to remedy allergies:

Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Radiating a fresh and minty scent that has notes of sweetness. Harvested from the fertile fields of Tasmania, the eucalyptus plant is revered by the Aborigines and forms part of their great “Bush Medicine” oral traditions and herbal heritage. Eucalyptus essential oils exude a scent that helps dispel odor and remove impurities in the air, helping to clear clogged airways as well as the air from airborne bacteria that causes allergic reactions that is perfect for anti-allergy aromatherapy. 

Lavender Essential Oil

Exuding a rich floral scent that has hints of fruit. Hailing from the majestic Lavender fields of Bulgaria and coveted traditionally in ancient biblical times, Lavender is one of the most versatile and well-loved herbs and scents in the world. Lavender essential oils exude a scent that is anti-inflammatory to the skin and can help clear up skin allergies such as flare-ups and even allergies induced by bug bites. 

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Emanating a scent that is sweet, crisp, and herbaceous. Extracted from the freshest flowers in the Italian peninsula to retain its freshness and potency, Roman Chamomile is a source of aromatherapy that helps soothe inflamed skin and purify your surrounding from airborne bacteria that causes allergies.

Natural remedies and treatments can oftentimes be as effective as supplements and chemical medicines. As such, before going to the pharmacy to purchase chemical-based medicines it is also important to know your natural options as it is guaranteed safe. Get your 100% pure and therapeutic grade essential oils from Gya Labs, certified and guaranteed to be safe for your everyday uses! 

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