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Homemade Candles Made Easy

Posted by Ocean Cong on
Homemade Candles Made Easy

Lazy days? Going crazy from managing your family or kids? Or just want some home R&R?

Tips to burn cozy scents instead of burning out

We all need activities to release stress or manage tension. Here’s a skill that's totally therapeutic; making aromatherapy candles. Read our short, sweet guide on the basics of candle making.

What Are Aromatherapy Candles?

Aromatherapy candles are candles that give off calming or uplifting aromas when burnt. You can make your own candles with minimal equipment. Candle making isn’t terribly difficult to master, and it gives so satisfaction as you fight boredom off at home. They also make great DIY gifts for friends who struggle with being stuck at home.

Stress relief aromatherapy often uses homemade candles to spread scents that soothe anxieties or stress, calm the mind, uplift moods. It’s no secret why, as research shows, scents have a genuine impact on your mood.

They can also elevate self-care routines by restoring balanced emotions during bubble baths or yoga.

Explore our full range of essential oils for relaxation. They bless you with a calm headspace when their scents float through the air!

Before You Begin Candle Making...

Before crafting your first candle, you should pick its scent and the ambiance you want to create. This is normally done by selecting essential oils that give each candle a distinct scent.

Scents For Anxiety

Essential oils for anxiety like sandalwood, rose otto and myrrh are popular because their light, floral aroma doesn’t overpower your mind. These relaxing essential oils work well when you need extra focus & peaceful mental states for meditation, yoga or other activities.

Scents To Feel Uplifted

Uplifting essential oils have zesty scents, like lemon, bergamot or sweet orange. Inhaling these scents will refresh your senses, which helps you stay awake or gain motivation to complete a task.

Scents For Sleep

Calming essential oils can also help those with trouble sleeping. Vanilla or lavender are powerful oils that ease the body into sweet slumbers. Burn candles with these essential oils during evening baths or nap times when you want to doze off quickly.



How To Make Aromatherapy Candles

All right, now on to the star of the show! Candle making is surprisingly therapeutic, from watching the wax melt to carving intricate patterns onto the candle, it’s all very satisfying. You can check out the basic process of candle making below. Feel free to let your imagination run wild by trying various candle scents or adding decorations to create the perfect candle.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Beeswax or soy wax
  • Candle wicks
  • Mason jar/glass cup
  • Metal bowl & cooking pot
  • Essential oils

How To Make The Candle

  • Warm up your metal bowl in a cooking pot full of boiling, water (double boiler).
  • Pour the beeswax into the bowl to melt it.

  • Cut a candle wick that’s slightly longer than the mason jar.
  • Stick the candle wick to the bottom of the jar.
  • Mix your favourite essential oils into the melted beeswax. Stir well until it dissolves.
  • Pour the hot wax into your jar and allow it to cool. The tip of the wick should stick out, allowing you to burn the candle.
  • At the end you can decorate your candle with ribbons, lace, labels and dried flowers.
Pro tip:

Tape the “burning end” of the candle wick to a pencil balanced over the mouth of the mason jar. This stops the wick from falling into the wax as it cools. You can also sprinkle raw lavender, rose petals or other dried flowers to make candles that are more aesthetically pleasing.

Happy candle making!

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