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Tea Tree Oil: Mythical or Miracle Acne Cure

Posted by Ocean Cong on
Tea Tree Oil: Mythical or Miracle Acne Cure

Clearing up questions like “Does tea tree oil work for acne?”

Confused about how tea tree oil and how it works? You’ve probably heard that the tea tree is a “magical cure” for acne and your friends have probably recommended it. Well, doubt no more!

You’ve probably heard about the “magical cure” for acne that is tea tree. You’ve seen it everywhere and your friends have probably recommended it! If you’re confused about how tea tree oil works? Well, doubt no more!

Here’s our short, simple explanation of how tea tree essential oil works for skin care. We also show you how tea tree essential oil can prevent hair loss, clear up your breathing & tackle other issues for amazing confidence & health.

What Is Tea Tree Essential Oil?

Tea tree oil is extracted by steam distilling the leaves of Melaleuca trees, producing powerful, natural treatments for skin, hair, and mental health. Known for its antibacterial and cleansing properties, Tea tree oil acne is popular for breakouts and it really works! Based on research, these leaves have antibacterial or moisturizing properties, making them as effective as other over-the-counter shampoos or body care products.

Top 3 Tea Tree Oil Benefits & Uses

Clear Breakouts For Perfect Skin

Acne is a real hassle. And layering makeup over breakouts is no fun. That’s why a comfortable, natural skincare solution can be a lifesaver. Tea tree oil is a natural acne treatment, shown by clinical trials to cleanse acne with antibacterial properties. It also works on various skin types comfortably. Tea tree oil for acne scars can also fade blemishes, restoring healthy skin that lets you feel good about yourself.

How To Use

To use tea tree oil for face, dilute tea tree oil with our skin-friendly carrier oils before applying on your skin (1 drop of essential oil per tablespoon of carrier oil). You can also use tea tree oil for skin tags, itchy skin or inflammations that are causing you discomfort.

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Cleanses Scalp For Healthy Hair

The use of tea tree oil goes beyond skincare. Studies by Dove press show that tea tree is among the many effective essential oils for hair growth. Why does it work? Tea tree oil cleanses pore build-up on the scalp, preventing dandruff and infections that could cause hair loss. Tea tree oil hair also unclogs follicles, allowing fresh hair to grow into the gorgeous locks you desire.  

How To Use

To use tea tree oil for volumized & clean hair, dilute with carrier oils and massage into your scalp like shampoo for results. You can mix 20 drops of essential oils for every 120ml of shampoo. Alternatively, you can mix 1 drop of essential oil per tablespoon of carrier oil.


Clears Airways For Smooth Breathing

Waking up with morning colds or allergies? Tea tree essential oils for stuffy noses work by reducing swelling in nasal cavities, allowing you to breathe freely. Research has shown they have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, keeping your sinuses comfortable all day.

How To Use

To use essential oils for sinuses add a few drops into diffusers and allow the soothing aroma to cleanse your airways.

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