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Reason for keeping Lemon handy in Kitchen

Posted by GyaLabs Admin on
Reason for keeping Lemon handy in Kitchen

Lemon essential oils are superheroes in kitchen. They can combat an endless variety of kitchen catastrophes with their bright, freshening power. We’ve put together these all too familiar situations to help you see just how they can save the day:

Beat bad smells

You’ve just arrived home from a week long family trip. You open the door from the garage and are met with the aroma of decomposition. The culprit? The food leftovers you threw in the trash and forgot to take outside before you left. Your house is stinking of trash, you remember the bottle of Lemon Oil you keep next to the sink. You take the trash out, open the windows, and add a few Lemon-saturated cotton balls to the bottom of the bin. Not only is the smell gone, now you feel as if you’re in surrounded by a blossoming orchard of lemon trees.

Brighten your mood

It’s 7 a.m. on a rainy Monday. You’re in the kitchen pulling out bowls and spoons for cereal, and you hear the kids running around upstairs fighting over who knows what. You didn’t get to bed until way too late last night because you had to finish the last episode of your favorite show, and you’re filled with regret. You’re tempted to just walk upstairs, hop back into bed, and let the children fend for themselves. As a final, last-ditch effort, you add a few drops of Lemon Oil to your diffuser. You pause and inhale slowly and deeply. A warm, bright aroma fills your senses. You feel your spirits rise, and you’re able to greet your kiddos with a smile (or at least not a scowl).

Save your sink

The kitchen sink is doing that thing again. The first time you smelled it, you checked to make sure the family hamster was safe in its cage because it smelled liked something had died. Then you realized—though hard to believe—it was just the smell of normal food buildup. Luckily, you know exactly how to tackle this without any bleach or other harsh chemicals: first baking soda, then vinegar, rinse it all down with water, and finish with a dozen drops of Lemon Oil. In less than five minutes, that putrid smell is replaced with the lovely, fresh scent of pure lemons!

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