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What are Essential Oils

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What are Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated, liquid plant extracts used for multiple purposes for the mind, body, and spirit. They are called "essential" because they contain the essence of a plant, including its aroma and health properties. Since essential oils (EO for short) can be taken from virtually all plants, there are EOs from varied sources such as flowers, grasses, fruits, roots, trees, and leaves. Our oils have not been adulterated with fillers, synthetics, or fragrance enhancers in any way. We have all the oils tested to ensure that there are no added chemicals or pollutants in the oils that we offer.

They are called “volatile,” which means that they evaporate very quickly. Because of their volatile nature, they need to be kept in dark colored glass bottles and stored in dark areas. Some of them, like Sweet Orange oils, lose their efficacy over time so they need to be used within 3 months of opening the bottle. Others, like Patchouli get stronger the longer you have them. Most are colorless or a light yellow. Some oils contain the compound azulene, which colors the oil blue.

Aromatherapy is the usage of essential oils. This includes using their aroma, smelling/inhaling them or topical application. Because of their tiny molecular structure, EOs absorb easily into the skin and then into the body. Many reflexologists, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and other alternative health practitioners utilize EOs to increase the effectiveness of their treatments.

Not only do people use them to support a healthy lifestyle, but they are also used to create all sorts of household products, from soap, shampoo, bath salt and toothpaste to perfume, skin care cream, hand lotion, surface cleaner, detergent and air freshener.

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