Exuding a welcoming aroma of fresh, rich lemony scent with mildly sweet earthy undertones of top notes.




Natural perfume and deodorant that keeps pests and stress away

From the luxuriant growth in the hot and humid tropical Southeast Asia, Citronella comes from a line of rich traditions in many cultures in Asia. Especially in the region where this fragrant herb is coveted for its uplifting aroma and therapeutic benefits for both the body and mind. Steam distilled using freshly chopped, dried or semi-dried grass of the fragrant Citronella, the versatile immune-boosting and antioxidant rich Citronella has a huge following, especially to those who relish its luxurious spa-like fragrance.

Soak in the natural refreshing essence of Gya Labs™ Citronella Essential Oil today, packed with phytonutrients that keep you perked up and radiant.


As a tonic to wellness armed with nature’s antioxidants, Citronella oil is superb in helping ward away tired nerves and soothes the mind and is useful for headaches, muscle pains or jet lag symptoms.

Let your confidence shine as you bask in the afterglow of beautiful skin as the natural compounds helps you look young and radiant with its skin purifying qualities!

Feeling fatigued and off balance? Fragrant and sweet, it is a natural deodorizer that freshens your space, piques your awareness and centres you to inner peace and deeper relaxation.

Need to ward pesky insects? Citronella is a natural repellant for mosquitoes, flies and creepy crawlies.

Naturally cleansing, keep your surroundings shiny and clean with this versatile oil as you soak in its comforting effects.


Trouble sleeping or feeling anxious? Imbue your bedroom and sheets by diffusing with concentrated and natural Citronella using the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser.

Need to distress away? Citronella rejuvenate your senses and mood as your therapist kneads tenderly at your tired and aching muscles and joints!

Its natural fragrance lights up a spark and rejuvenates the ambience in your living areas, keeping you and your loved ones feeling soothed and calm.

A beauty elixir that helps purify and nourish the skin and hair - add the sweet-smelling Citronella essential oil into your body wash, soaps or shampoo!

Say bye to pesky insects with one of nature’s very own bug repellant - apply it on any of your clothing, fabric, shoes or wherever needed!