Revealing natural top notes of a clearing herbaceous citrusy scent that is crisp and fresh with a tinge of tartness.




Clear your energetic blocks with this zesty ally of your skin and general wellness

One of nature’s hybrids that was believed to have first taken place in subtropical Barbados, the genetic gifted attributes of the pomelo and the sweet orange are combined to give you the synergistic benefits that make this wholesome fruit so cherished. The beautiful Italian landscape and plantations provide a healthy supply of our Grapefruit, which its precious peel is compressed to yield this oil rich in natural antioxidants and healthy phytochemicals. Dense in Vitamin C and lycopene, this citrus fruit has variations of red, pink and white hues. Enjoy its refreshing aroma that awakens the soul, clears breathing and encourages healthy circulation and happens to be a superb natural purifier.

Delve into the healing fragrance of the elegant natural and pure Gya Labs™ Grapefruit Essential Oil today.


A botanical blessing that helps you reach your goals of beautiful and healthy skin and hair with its cleansing effects.

Naturally packed with plant goodness and anti-inflammatory properties, Grapefruit keeps your immunity and circulation in check, and helps in clearer smooth breathing.

Because it is purifying and uplifting, it also encourages a boost in your mood and energy levels, as it helps banish tiredness and mental anxiety away. Clear brain fog and dispel stress by relaxing in its scent.

Its citrusy nature inherently makes it an ideal purifying candidate, as it works on molds, fungus, bacteria and helps you and your loved ones stay healthy happily. A natural detoxifier and cleansing agent is among its key benefits.


Need to clear your mind and regain your zest and energy? Try diffusing as you relax with the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser and let its aroma uplift your soul.

For a natural cleansing regime, Grapefruit keeps you refreshed with its citrusy flavour - try applying it in your facial, skincare and hair care routine and see the difference it brings you. Try it with soap and beauty lotions to enjoy the rejuvenating experience.

Need a quick healing energetic boost? In a massage therapy, apply on areas to erase away stress and fatigue as your recharge the inner you and illuminate your senses.

Apply on a wide range of places including your living space, your desk, clothing and moldy corners to disinfect naturally keeping your space clean and as a relaxing sanctuary where you can rest, play and work effectively.