Emanating top notes of a refreshing light yet piquant fresh citrusy-lemony scent with earthy undertones.




Balance and awaken your senses, release tensions, and heal your body

From the lush tropics of Southeast Asia, Lemongrass draws from its rich heritage in many cultures in Asia. Particularly so in Thailand where this fragrant herb is prized not only for its delightfully uplifting aroma and therapeutic versatility but it remains a widely used herbal remedy for a wide array of conditions of the body and mind. Indulged in cultures as diverse as Thai royalty and nobility, Ayurvedic traditions of therapy, and even Brazilian remedies by the tribal communities, the versatile immune-boosting and antioxidant rich Lemongrass enjoys wide connoisseurship as a botanical wonder till today.

Pamper yourself and enjoy the Gya Labs™ Lemongrass Essential Oil today, rich in vitamins and minerals as it stimulates and soothes you from head to toe.


As a wellness booster that is packed with naturally-occurring antioxidants, Lemongrass oil is superb in soothing tiredness, headaches, muscle pains, jet lag symptoms while encouraging greater natural circulation.

Feeling fatigued and off balance? Fragrant and sweet, it is a natural deodorizer that instantly freshens your space, piques your awareness and centres you to inner peace and deeper relaxation. A perfect way to loosen up after a long day at work.

Good appetite is pertinent to healthy digestion. Lemongrass essential oil helps relieve feelings of bloatedness in the stomach and makes an excellent balm and protector for the tummy.

Let your confidence shine as you bask in the afterglow of radiant skin as the nutrient-rich Lemongrass helps in a lush and healthy complexion with its skin purifying qualities!


Looking for an ideal relaxing essential oil that can drive away your fatigue and worries? Brilliant! Try diffusing with the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser and let every breath bring you to a state of supreme tranquility.

Yearning for a good massage? Up the experience with Lemongrass which makes a beautiful companion to rejuvenate your senses and mood! Ease your back aches, sprains and cramps.

Embrace beauty and good complexion as you cleanse and purify your skin - add Lemongrass essential oil into your body wash or shampoo for that supple, refreshing feel!

Relax, unwind and heal your sleepless woes with Lemongrass’ soothing and calming effects.

Say bye to pesky insects with one of nature’s very own bug repellant - apply it on any of your clothing, fabric, shoes or wherever needed!