Radiating a fragrance characteristic of base notes, with a distinctive smoky, sweet or sometimes pungent smell with traces of a sharp bitter-sweet aroma.




Magical origins that is handy for a healthy and balanced lifestyle today.

Derived from the resin from a native tree found in Africa and the Middle East, myrrh is one of the most widely known and used essential oil today. Being a winner comes easy with this oil which was quoted 152 times in the Bible and has long been trusted and favoured for its purifying effects for over a millenia. The arid conditions of its native habitat and its twisted gnarled frame unsurprisingly yields a sap packed with phytonutrient goodness including being rich in natural antioxidants, an evocative rich aroma that reminds one of centredness and spiritual peace. A favourite in perfumery for ages, it promotes healthy living with its rich natural healing properties, and is used in cleansing and clearing a space of negative vibes, while promoting a deep hypnotic state of relaxation.

Packed with a host of antioxidant wholesomeness and natural fragrance, it is no wonder that it was one of the three gifts that the Three Wise Men was purported to bring to Jesus. Be amazed with the potent healing fragrance of the Gya Labs™ Myrrh Essential Oil today.


A boost to your immunity and wellbeing, Myrrh is dense with anti-inflammatory and phyto goodness that helps reduces swelling and is used traditionally for wounds and infections.

Cleanse your surroundings of feelings of distractedness or negativity. Long used in spiritual circles for its deeply relaxing benefits, it helps you feel centred, comforted and relaxed.

For smoother complexion and a natural radiance, Myrrh stimulates circulation and has purifying effects on the skin. Help fade away unsightly skin as you embrace in its skin-enriching effects. Great for wound relief with its naturally-occurring presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory goodness.

A tonic that perks your mind promotes a healthy nervous system.


For a meditative experience of silence and peaceful centredness, inject a sense of relaxation into your life - add pure concentrate to Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser.

Be the best version of yourself and for that confident glowing skin, use a few drops with your facial wash and skin care routine.

Breathe in energy and wholesomeness, breathe out the blues. Inhale for at least 30 seconds or as needed.

Be pampered and rejuvenate your inner you. Luxuriant cold compress or infused in a massage session keeps you energized and awakened to a deeper sense of appreciation and silent meditation.

For smoother breathing, inhale with a drop or two and let it unclog your worries and blockages away.