Roman Chamomile


Emanating middle notes with a warm, sweet, crisp, apple-like fruity and herbaceous scent that is famed for inducing relaxation and comfort.



Roman Chamomile

Renew your physical, mental and spiritual you.

If you enjoy winding down with a relaxing cup of Chamomile tea, imagine how much more goodness can be found in its concentrated form in an essential oil! Apart from the well-known calming effects of Roman Chamomile, do you know that it also yields a mighty purifying and healing wonders? Extracted from fresh flowers in the Italian peninsula to retain its freshness and potency to you, this beautiful botanical source of relaxation and joy is a source of therapy that nurtures the body and mind and brings out the peace in you.

Bask in the relaxation that is derived from nature’s healing with Gya Labs™ Roman Chamomile Essential Oil today.


Deeply calming, it lulls the soul and promotes deep sleep to drown away your tiredness.

Inner beauty that shines - let Roman Chamomile’s purifying effects help maintain that glowing radiant complexion and beautiful hair as it soothes and nourishes from within.

One of the most renowned relaxing scents and flavours, Roman Chamomile puts you in a state of bliss and nurtures your soul with its peace-evoking experience.

Roman Chamomile allows you to rest and rejuvenate and at the same time being antibacterial, purifying your surroundings from stale energy.


Relax in an inspiring and deeply calming experience with the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser and come out minus your worries and stress.

Include it in your regime of beauty for that fresh, beautiful skin during or after a wash or shower. You’d be drenched in the healing sweetness of Roman Chamomile’s aroma.

Desire deep and comforting sleep or a refreshing nap? Look to Roman Chamomile as it cajoles you to rest and let your concerns fade away. Apply it in areas of your bedroom such as linens, pillows and bed sheets and doze in sweet dreams.

Always handy to bust the blues away and lift your spirits - apply a dose of tranquility around you to relax as you relax and let go - an inner respite and escape for the soul to rejuvenate!