Rich in linalool, Rosewood essential oil exudes a warm, fruity, woody, sweet, floral scent that stimulates, with base to middle notes.




Balm for the soul, comforting and love elixir.

The towering blooms of purple and white that accompany this fragrant tree is a sight to behold in the tropics of South America. One of the key ingredients in Chanel No. 5’s recipe, we carefully extract its nutrient-rich essential oils via methods of steam distillation. So highly prized for its fragrance and as part of the national laws for sustainability, the essential oil distillery has to plant a new tree for every tree used for extracting its famed essential oil. This ensures forests and plantations thrive. Known traditionally to regenerate health, a purifying beauty enhancer and stimulating the mood for love, it is a precious oil that you can easily fall in love with.

Bask in the transformed ambience with Gya Labs™ Rosewood Essential Oil today.


Unlock the secret of beauty with the properties of Rosewood essential oil, a natural antiseptic that cleanses stimulates youthful-looking skin.

Boost your appeal and stimulate your love life. Subtly enhance the mood for romance and passion with Rosewood’s aphrodisiac-inducing fragrance.

Cleanse and purify while filling your space with a warm, fruity and woody atmosphere. Rosewood naturally acts as a deodorant.

Calming the mind, it pacifies the soul as you are stimulated from within.


Let the sparks fly with the mood for relaxation, balance and certainly romance with the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser around to permeate your space with a healing fragrance.

Shield your skin and lock in nourishment and moisture with this naturally fragrant and cleansing essential oil - infuse it in your facial and body cleansing regime in your soaps, facial mask and shampoo.

When times get rough, unwind and focus again on your dreams and passion. Let out a few drops to inject a sense of balance as you recall your victories and recharge.

Liberate and empower yourself as you drop a few drops around your home and living space. With naturally antiseptic and antibacterial properties, regain your sense of balance and uplift your loved ones.