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Carrier Oil
Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil
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Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil
Carrier Oil

A gentle and nutty Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil proven to revitalize fuller, healthier hair and combat acne.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes longer, fuller-growing hair
  • Moisturizes dry hair
  • Revitalizes dull skin & lightens scars

For dry, damaged hair

About This Product
About This Product Image

Organic Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil

A gentle and nutty organic oil proven to revitalize fuller, healthier hair, and clear acne and scarring.

This organic cold-pressed oil is rich in linoleic acid which helps to maintain a healthy scalp and stimulate hair growth for naturally long & smooth hair. These nourishing ingredients also protect from hairloss to maintain flawless waves.

Fast-absorbing and with a high concentration of fatty acids, our Pumpkin Seed Oil is able to effectively moisturize by penetrating deep into dry, dull skin. A trustworthy antifungal and antibacterial, it also gently cleanses breakouts, leaving you with a smooth complexion.

Carrier oils are gentle skin-conditioners used to dilute essential oils & “carry” their benefits into the skin, as their concentration can be irritable to the skin. *See How To Use for our gentle-for-skin golden ratio*

Key Benefits 

  • Promotes healthier, fuller-growing hair 
  • Combats hair loss
  • Reduces acne & lightens scarring
  • Revitalizes dry, dull skin
  • Moisturizes dry hair
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  • What's Inside
  • How to use
What's Inside
Key Ingredients

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin Seed

Supports healthy hair growth, moisturizes dry hair and reduces acne.

Family Name

Cucurbita Maxima

Country of Origin


Extracted From

Pumpkin Seeds

Extracting Method


How To Use
Blend With Essential Oils

Our gentle-for-skin ratio uses 12 drops of Essential Oils to 30ml (2 tablespoons) of Carrier Oil. You know your skin best; so feel free to experiment!

Hair/Brows & lashes

Gently run 3-5 drops through hair. Run 1-2 drops through brows & lashes using a brush


Massage 2-3 drops in circular motions after cleansing, or rub 1-2 drops onto desired areas of your skin

Frequently Asked Questions
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