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Nutmeg Oil

Essential Oil
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It’s good quality oil
It’s good quality oil
Smells so delicious, just like nutmeg!
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Nutmeg Oil
Essential Oil
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Nutmeg essential oil is made from the dried kernels of the Myristica fragrans tree, which is native to Indonesia's Spice Islands. It used to be a very expensive spice, and the essential oil has tremendous therapeutic, mystical, and aphrodisiacal properties. It has a spicy, warming perfume that may both excite the intellect and thoroughly calm the senses.

  • It's used in a variety of medical and aromatherapeutic products.
  • Muscle pains and cramps are treated using this herb.
  • It's used to treat insomnia and anxiety.
  • Properties that are anti-inflammatory
  • Assist in the relief of stomach issues
  • Activate a sense of vigilance
  • Assist in clearing the airways in the lungs.
  • Skin is cleansed and clarified.
  • It's a common element in cosmetics and personal care products.
Main Constituents

Monoterpene hydrocarbons (roughly 80% or more), including Sabinene, Pinene, and Limonene.

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Properties of Nutmeg Oil

How To Use Nutmeg Essential oil

Nutmeg essential oil has a wide range of benefits. Here are some to use today:


Nutmeg Essential Oil Uses

Nutmeg proves it's benefits outside of just a spice in the form of this essential oil. Here are some uses:

Nutmeg Essential oil Blends With


Nutmeg Essential oil Blends With

It blends Well With. Bay, clary sage, coriander, geranium, lavender, lime, mandarin, oakmoss, orange, peru balsam, petitgrain, and rosemary.

Nutmeg Oil Extracted

Nutmeg Oil Extracted

The most common methods for obtaining nutmeg oil are steam distillation, water distillation, steam-water distillation, and solvent extraction. Due to operating duration and oil output capacity, steam distillation is the most often utilised refining technique. The outer aril is removed after harvesting, and the seeds are normally permitted to dry in the sun for one or two months before being separated and steam distilled. This results in a thin, colourless (or light-yellowish) volatile oil that has a delicate, spicy aroma with a distinct Nutmeg

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