Radiating an aroma of middle to top notes with herbaceous, light and clear refreshing with traces of balsamic woody backnotes and a lingering sweetness.




Heralded as one of the ancient spices known to mankind.

Turmeric holds great significance in terms of Ayurvedic medicine, culinary arts and sacred rituals for thousands of years. Originated from the tropical lands of Southeast Asia, it is believed to obtained its name from the Latin word Terra Meritta which meant “sacred soil”. Derived from the perennial rhizomes and grounded into bright orange-yellow powder; the Curcuma longa is often used in weddings to bestow blessings for newlyweds and protection against malevolent spirits during purification rituals. Held greatly among Ayurveda practitioners as the sacred healing herb with warm and spicy aromatic profile; it soothes tensed minds and dispels nervousness, alleviating digestive discomforts gently along the way just like the warmth and kindness of a Mother’s love.

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Rich in organic compounds known as turmerone, Turmeric strengthen the body’s immunity by promoting a healthy metabolism with the abundant presence of nutrients.

Turmeric’s warm and energizing scent serves as a strong relaxant and balancer, encourages a sense of mental stability that keeps negative emotions and mood swings at bay.

With its spicy and earthy nature, Turmeric possesses the potency of safeguarding your respiratory and digestive system that alleviates nasal congestions and indigestions.

The active botanical nutrients from Turmeric provides natural pain relief for muscle tensions and joint pains at the end of a stressful day.

Cleansing to your skin for a healthy youthful complexion; Turmeric is the natural go-to remedy for skin health, relieving blemishes and pigmentation on the face with ease.


For clear and smooth skin, add Turmeric as a purifying agent for a fresh, renewed appearance. Be creative with your skincare routine by mixing Bentonite Clay as a face mask for glowing tone!

Mix a few drops of Turmeric essential oil with Lavender or Roman Chamomile to earn yourself a relaxing massage therapy for muscle sores and aches.

Few whiffs of diffused Turmeric would definitely warm up your body from deep within and energizes your fatigued mind for a freshen perspective.

Dilute Turmeric with your favourite carrier oil by rubbing on your abdomen to help you in the times of digestive discomforts such as bloating and stomach cramps.