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Keep every breath fresh! This purifying hydrosol is great for freshening up your home air of bacteria, clearing away sinus congestions and breathing difficulties.

Key Benefits

  • Eases breathing
  • Deodorizes & cleanses air

Woody, earthy and minty

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Eucalyptus Hydrosol?

Eucalyptus Hydrosol is a refreshing spritzer that can help to cleanse the air, refresh stuffy rooms, and get rid of odors. With antibacterial properties to purify the air, a spritz of our Eucalyptus Hydrosol can help to clear your sinuses so you can breathe with ease all day.


How to use Eucalyptus Hydrosol?

Our Eucalyptus Hydrosol can be used on the face or skin for a refreshing boost that replenishes complexions. It can also be spritzed onto sheets or around living spaces for an uplifting scent that purifies the air and promotes smoother breathing.

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