Organic Ginger


Ginger perspires a distinguishable warming earthy aroma with nuances of spicy notes, reminding you of the pleasant hearth by the fireplace that symbolizes home and warmth.



Organic Ginger

Featuring one of the most ancient and powerful healing botanicals bestowed upon mankind by Mother Nature, Ginger carries a potent warm and spicy scent with woodsy undertones reminiscence of ancient herbs and spices.

Dated back to more than 5000 years of historical usage in China and India, the herb is indigenous to southern China and eventually spread to the Spice Islands due to profitable spice trades. The herbaceous roots are revered by the profound Chinese philosopher, Confucius for its potent restorative properties and regarded as a prominent symbol of wealth and fertility by ancient Romans. Commonly known as “The Oil of Empowerment” in Ayurvedic texts due to its warming and stimulating attributes, its mild aroma soothes your breathing and helps greatly in digestive issues as well as nausea. Ginger essence is also capable of alleviating joint and muscle aches to relieve pain during massage sessions.

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A gentle whiff of the grounding aroma from Ginger calms distressed minds and thoughts, soothing your breathing and ease digestive issues.

Ginger’s warming nature relieves joint pain and muscle aches, helping a great deal of individuals who are suffering from joint aches and muscle stiffness.

By using Ginger essence in lymphatic drainage massages, it increases the efficient flow of fluids for improved health of your lymphatic system.

The stimulating effects from Ginger promotes scalp circulation, encouraging healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss.


Add 2-3 drops of Ginger into a diffuser for relaxing aromatherapy session to improve and energize your mood.

To relieve muscle and joint pain, dilute 2-3 drops of Ginger with carrier oil and massage deeply on the needed areas.

For lymphatic drainage massages, massage Ginger on targeted muscles to help with swelling and removing excess fluids.

Blend 1-2 drops of Ginger with Jojoba carrier oil and massage on scalp and hair to improve blood circulation and promote hair growth.