Organic Myrrh


Myrrh perspires a rich yet slightly wooden aroma with warming hints of balsamic and fragrant undertones.



Organic Myrrh

Commonly known as one of the 3 sacred gifts by the Wise Men that represents divine spirituality, Myrrh emanates a calming, balsamic woody aroma that radiates peace and tranquility.

Native to the lands of Middle East and derived from Myrrh trees grown in arid deserts, the resin is highly esteemed by the ancients for its unique healing properties and holds great spiritual significance in holy rituals. The grounded heartwarming scent of Myrrh calms your mind from within, uplifting negative thoughts and encourage spiritual awakening that keeps your lively soul at peace. Soothing and purifying, Myrrh is great for healing skin ailments and reverse the signs of aging by cleansing and moisturizing your complexion to bestow radiant, nourished beauty.

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The warming woodsy scent of Myrrh lifts your spirits and relaxes your mind to wash away stressful thoughts and worries.

Calming and tranquilizing, Myrrh promotes greater emotional balance for the soul that inspire mental clarity and spiritual awakening.

Myrrh deeply nourishes dry and chapped skin to retain moisture, thus maintaining the skin’s healthy radiant glow.

With Myrrh’s potent beautifying properties, it helps to tighten skin and diminish signs of aging for a long-lasting beauty.


Blend Myrrh with Frankincense in a relaxing aromatherapy session for your tired spirits, or with Sweet Orange to re-energize your fatigued body.

To enhance your skin health, use Myrrh with Jojoba oil to cleanse the skin from acne and blemishes.

For an exotic and enticing perfume, blend Myrrh with Rose or Patchouli for that alluring scent for the entire evening.

For a nourishing moisturizer or body oil, mix Myrrh with Almond oil to moisturize the skin and soothe away fine lines.