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Organic Essential Oil
Organic Ginger Oil
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Organic Ginger Oil
Organic Essential Oil

A spicy & body-rejuvenating oil, our organically-sourced Organic Ginger Essential Oil works wonders for massages to soothe muscle aches and improve circulation to keep you at your fittest.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes lymphatic flow through massage
  • Soothes muscle & joint pains
  • Stimulates hair growth

Scent Profile
Warm, earthy & spicy

About This Product
About This Product Image

Ginger Organic Essential Oil

Originating from Southeast Asia, Ginger is widely used in Asian folk medicine for its healing abilities. Some of its traditional uses include soothing inflammations, respiratory discomforts, upset stomachs and arthritis.

Our organically-sourced Ginger Oil is perfect for massaging away discomforts. Packed with rejuvenating & pain-relief properties, it has an re-energizing effect on sore muscles and helps to improve lymphatic circulation for faster recovery. It also helps with hair growth by stimulating blood circulation around the scalp.

Key Benefits

  • Improves lymphatic flow through massage
  • Soothes muscle & joint pains
  • Stimulates scalp for hair growth
  • Relieves indigestion & nausea
  • Eases nasal congestions
  • Energizes mind & body

Scent Profile
Warm, earthy & spicy

Certified 100% Organic by ECOCERT
Our range of organic essential oils are 100% ECOCERT Certified Organic. Sourced from certified organic farms all the way to your bottle—no additives, no pesticides.

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What's Inside
Key Ingredients


pure organic ginger essential oil

Boosts lymphatic circulation, soothes muscle & joint pains, promotes hair growth

Family Name

Zingiber Officinale

Country of Origin


Extracted From

Raw Ginger

Extracting Method

Steam Distillation

How To Use
Organic Ginger essential oil aroma diffuser
Aroma Diffuser

Add 2-3 drops into diffusers to uplift mind, energize moods and boost focus.

Organic Ginger essential oil uses
Dilute For Massage

Dilute with skin-friendly carrier oils. Gently massage to relax body & mind, relieve aches or to stimulate moods.


Organic Ginger essential oil benefits
Pillows & Linens

Add a few drops onto bed to enjoy peace-bringing & health-boosting benefits throughout the night.

Frequently Asked Questions
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