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Retinol Serum
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Retinol Serum

Wind back the clock! A youth-enhancing Retinol face serum to target signs of aging & smooth out fine lines & wrinkles. Restores perfect, youthful-looking skin.

For Combination & Mature Skin Types

About This Product
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Retinol Serum

Rewind the clock on your complexion with our youth-enhancing formula that targets signs of aging. Retinol Serum is our response to cries for skin renewal. 

Derived from Vitamin A, cell-regenerating Retinol is the “magic” skincare ingredient that helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, while boosting skin clarity to even out uneven skin tones. Time to show those stressful late nights who’s boss!

We’ve also formulated this beauty with Rice Ferment Filtrate to moisturize & balance oil level, along with soothing Rose Geranium to keep your complexion free of inflammations.

For Combination & Mature Skin Types

Key Benefits

  • Evens skin tone & blemishes
  • Tightens & smooths wrinkles 
  • Deeply moisturizes dry skin 
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  • What's Inside
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What's Inside
Key Ingredients

Retinol, Rice Ferment Filtrate, Rose Geranium

gya labs retinol serum ingredients rice ferment filtrate
Rice Ferment Filtrate

Moisturizes, brightens & balances skin tone

gya labs retinol serum ingredients retinol

Stimulates cell-regeneration in skin, diminishes signs of aging, reduces fine lines & wrinkles

gya labs retinol serum ingredients rose geranium oil
Rose Geranium

Calms skin flare-ups & redness

Family Name

Pelargonium Roseum

Extracted From

Rose Geranium Flowers

Extracting Method

Steam Distillation

How To Use
How to use retinol serum step 1
Step 1

Cleanse & tone skin

How to use retinol serum step 2
Step 2

Apply 2-3 drops onto fingertips & massage into skin


How to use retinol serum step 3
Step 3

Gently tap your skin to absorb nutrients

Frequently Asked Questions
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