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Vitamin C
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Vitamin C

Brighten & tighten your skin with this zesty, radiant Vitamin C face serum for that youthful glow.

For Oily, Dry or Dull Skin

About This Product
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Vitamin C Serum

A powerful skin-brightener that lets your skin shine! Our Vitamin C Serum restores radiance to dull & dry skin, while smoothening blemishes and minimizing open pores for that smooth, velvety complexion to charm everyone in sight.

This facial serum is infused with Vitamin C, our little secret for giving skin that fresh glow again and reducing pigmentation & dark spots. Among our other “magic ingredients” are Rice Ferment Filtrate to boost moisture in your skin tone, and Rose Essential Oils to tighten away signs of aging.

These ingredients also hydrate your skin deeply and balance your skin tone for that sweet “sun-kissed at the beach” look.

For Oily, Dry or Dull Skin 

Key Benefits:

  • Brightens & evens your skin tone
  • Tightens skin & reduces pore sizes 
  • Deeply moisturizes dry skin 
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What's Inside
Key Ingredients

Vitamin C, Rice Ferment Filtrate, Rose

gya labs vitamin C serum ingredients rice ferment filtrate
Rice Ferment Filtrate

Moisturizes skin & balances skin tone

gya labs vitamin C serum ingredients rose

Tightens skin to reduce signs of aging

Family Name

Rosa Damascena

Extracted From

Rose Flowers

Extracting Method

Steam Distillation

gya labs vitamin C serum ingredients ascorbic acid
Vitamin C

Brightens skin & reduces pigmentation

How To Use
How to use Vitamin C serum step 1
Step 1

Cleanse & tone skin

How to use Vitamin C serum step 2
Step 2

Apply 2-3 drops onto fingertips & massage into skin


How to use Vitamin C serum step 3
Step 3

Gently tap your skin to absorb nutrients

Frequently Asked Questions
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