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Tea Tree
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Reclaim your dream skin with our skin-purifying serum for anti-acne, blemish-free perfection.

For Acne-prone, Oily & Uneven Toned Skin

Tea Tree
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Tea Tree Serum do?

Tea Tree Serums have potent antiseptic properties to cleanse impurities from your skin which commonly causes blocked pores, acne breakouts and skin inflammations. You’ll enjoy clear, beautiful skin in no time!

Bonus ingredients: Our Tea Tree Serum also contains skin-soothing Cornflower and Feverfew extracts to fade acne scars and calm delicate skin.


How to use Tea Tree Serum?

Follow these simple steps for soothed, breakout-free skin

  • Cleanse, tone before using our Tea Tree Serum.
  • Gently massage/dab 2-3 drops of serum onto your skin.
  • Gently tap your skin to absorb nutrients.
  • Repeat routine daily. 


When should I use my Tea Tree Serum?

We suggest using our Tea Tree Serums twice a day. However, you can use it once a day if you have sensitive skin.

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