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Organic Blue Tansy
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A bright blue, soothing wonder, our Organic Blue Tansy Oil is an anti-inflammatory-rich oil that’s ultra-calming for the senses and your complexion.

Key Benefits

  • Relieves stress & tension
  • Eases congestions
  • Cleanses skin & reduces breakouts

Scent Profile
Sweet, floral & herbaceous

Organic Blue Tansy
Organic Essential Oil
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About This Product
How To Use
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil good for?

Sweet and floral, Organic Blue Tansy is rich in anti-inflammatory properties for supreme skin comfort.


What are the benefits and uses of Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil?

Organically-sourced for its calming aroma, our Organic Blue Tansy Oil is relaxing for busy or anxious days. It also provides relief to breathing issues to help you breathe better. When used in skincare, its soothing properties help to calm complexions and sensitive skin prone to flareups & acne.


How to use Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil?

Dilute about 1-2 drops of essential oils for every tablespoon of our skin-friendly Carrier Oils, apply topically for soothed, comfortable skin. Diffusing Organic Blue Tansy Oil around your living space creates a calming ambiance, ideal for some weekend stress-relief or boosted mental clarity.


What are the benefits of Organic Blue Tansy for skin?

Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil has natural skin-soothing properties that calms acne, soothes skin  irritations and treats sunburns for happier days at the beach!

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