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Big or small, change is doable. We promise we've got something to help uplift your everyday.
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Our Bestsellers Products

Cinnamon Bark
Earthy & spicy, this oil is an all-round health booster to help you recover & crush your #fitnessgoals every time.
Do what makes you feel good! Sweet, zesty Tangerine Oil keeps your mind clear & boosts positivity to pursue your passion.
Tea Tree
A popular antibacterial, Tea Tree Essential Oil is a potent cleanser used to combat troubled skin & bacteria in the air.

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About Us?

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We're Actually All About You.

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Self-care and self-help doesn't have to be hard.

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We make finding solutions easy. Big or small, change is doable. We promise we've got something to help you face everyday challenges—like work/life demands, endless digital stress, or frustrating global events.

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Our Vision, Mission & Values

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We believe in making self care and self help accessible to everyone. And building a community fuelled by the knowledge of self help, so we can uplift our everydays.

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Made For You In Mind
We take a customer-centric approach, and design self-care products for your lifestyle and needs.
Knowledge Is Beautiful
The big world of self-care can be daunting. Which is why we've created a knowledge hub with all the self-care content in one spot.
Taking Nature's Lead
Just like a healthy-growing plant draws on natural nutrients to thrive, all Gya Labs products use natural ingredients to design the best products to fit our everyday needs.

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A Note From Our Founders

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Gya Labs is our baby and was created because we believed in the power of Nature in spreading self-love and positivity in each and everyone of us.

Gya Labs isn't just an essential oils brand, but a space that provides you tools that we hope will help you love yourself—and others, just a little more.

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