Bay Leaf / Laurel


Emanating a fresh aroma a mélange of wood, eucalyptus and clove notes, of medium strength. This spicy and camphorous fragrance lend it its uplifting effects.



Bay Leaf

Natural vitality within your grasp

Bay leaves, found naturally in the Mediterranean regions are a staple as a garnish and flavouring agent in today’s Western cuisine. Yet, its history and legacy stretch to ancient Greek and Roman times, where in Greek culture, it was used to crown those of the highest status - victors, scholars and the edified in society. Extracted by steam distillation from the shiny leaves of the fragrant evergreen shrubs, Bay Leaf, also known as the Laurel, is a potent vitality tonic, rich in antioxidants with well-being and immunity benefits for the soul and body.

Present yourself with a dose of goodness in a bottle of the Gya Labs™ Bay Leaf Essential Oil today.


A superb naturally uplifting aroma - Bay Leaf helps lift you out of weariness and the blues. Turn anger into peace and stress into relaxation with this appetite-inducing fragrance.

Dense in phyto goodness and a natural source of antioxidants, Bay Leaf works wonders to ease and soothe the body and mind, keeping infections at arm’s length while ensuring your well being is taken care of.

As a natural repellant against pests, Bay Leaf helps keep your surroundings clean and sparkling.

As a natural antibacterial agent, Bay Leaf is also a natural balm and perfect for soothing for aches, coughs and colds.


Bask in an ambience of peace and deepen your relaxation with a peaceful evening with the fresh fragrance and intoxicating aroma of the Bay Leaf with the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser.

As you knead your tiredness away, feel the heightened sense of rejuvenation as you alleviate pains away with a drip or two of the Bay Leaf.

With an uplifting aroma, soothe your pressures away - be it the pressures or tensions of the day, or an aching ear or tiredness.

Naturally cleanse your space with Bay Leaf - it is a disinfectant that you’d add to your favourite as it both cleanses the space and purifies the mind.