The aroma of this cold pressed essential oil is generally citrusy, yet fruity and sweet with a warm spicy floral quality, and reminiscent of Neroli, and of medium strength. A fresh and sweet fragrance that blends well with almost any other essence.




Calming, uplifting and a purifying skin elixir.

Cold pressed from the rind of the Bergamot cultivated in the Italian province of Reggio, a region blessed with mineral-rich alluvial soils, Bergamot is wonderful to ease your senses, relieve stress, help in digestion and a blessing to those yearning for smooth and clean skin. A long tradition found in phytotherapy since ancient Egyptian, Indian and Chinese civilizations, it is a precious essence and to obtain just 1 kilogram of essential oil, approximately 200 kilograms of fruits are needed! Experience and uncover why this compelling and long favored culinary and therapeutic remedy is coveted across much of Europe and Asia.

Relish in the natural goodness of the concentrated Gya Labs™ Bergamot Hydrosol today and be enthralled by its sweet and fruity scent coupled with its deep purifying properties.


Choose happiness and joy! Soaking in the uplifting and highly relaxing mist of the Bergamot works wonders for building your confidence and uplifting your soul. Enhance your energy by improving the circulation of your blood with the prowess of Bergamot.

Beautiful skin is a commitment - try using it for oily and troubled skin as it helps diminish oily skin, blemishes and soothes scars.

Feeling unwell? Bergamot is rich in herbal and therapeutic properties that induces perspiration and detoxifies, as it helps relieves fevers and helps digestion. Bergamot brings comfort for colds, fevers, headaches and gastric disorders.

Release and renew. A natural relief for headaches and muscle tensions, Bergamot essential oil helps stimulate hormonal and digestive juices while giving you a sense of deep comfort and joy.


Unwind and soothe your soul - try misting some Gya Labs™ Bergamot Hydrosol and let every inhalation calm you.

Restore your hair’s natural glory - spray after a cleansing shampoo therapy as it scents and heals your hair and scalp.

Stay young and sexy. Bergamot hydrosol helps in cleansing and purification of the skin, nourishing it with its rich phytonutrients. Its attractive fragrance also turns heads unconsciously. Mist it as your favourite evening time toner!

Let every breath be a gift to your body. . When having blocked nose or coughs or colds, Bergamot hydrosol helps you breathe smoother, filling your space with comforting vibes.

To dispel bad breath or odor, spray some Bergamot and invite the healing therapeutic fragrance of nature into your home.