Emanating middle notes of strong aroma with a sweet, balsamic woody scent and rich dry over tones.




Powerful mood booster with deep purifying essences

Sacred and prized since ancient times in cultures as diverse as the Sumerians, Jews, Greeks, Romans, Himalayan nobility and spiritual communities worldwide, Cedarwood is one of nature’s most potent and loved essential oils. Our Cedarwood essential oils are harvested from the remote high altitude areas of the Himalayan region in Nepal. This celebrated natural tonic is miraculous at releasing stress, helping you to focus and restoring balance in your body and mind.

100% natural and extracted from steam distillation from wood pieces of the Cedarwood trees, experience the superior healing and detoxifying pure Gya Labs™ Cedarwood Essential Oil today.


For beautiful glowing complexion, cedarwood purifies as it improves skin complexion and also moisturizes and stimulates metabolism of the skin and scalp.

Heal naturally. With powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, it is a prized remedy and helps soothes wounds, and amplifying the healing process of eczema and acne with its detoxifying properties.

If you are feeling down, lift your mood with Cedarwood as it both calms the spirit and boosts mental clarity.

Pesky bugs a bother? Natural Cedarwood’s purifying properties keeps insects at bay


Bring comfort to your soul. Try diffusing with a Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser to promote emotional balance, well-being and focus.

For a supple and healthy complexion, use a few drops with your facial wash as you cleanse naturally. Traditionally,in herbal remedies it is used to treat eczema, acne and fungal infections.

For strong hair and healthy scalp, try mixing this nourishing oil into your hair wash and enjoy a relaxing warm bath as it stimulates hair growth.

Massage away your blues and body stiffness. Revel as you soak in the healing fragrance and properties in a massage, or in a warm bath.

To get rid of bugs and insects that bother, use it as as a natural bug repellant and deodorizer. Prized as a sacred oil since by our ancestors for its comforting effects, try to diffuse it or apply onto fabrics and your living space.

Breathe in pure relaxation. To help regulate respiratory well-being, it calms the nerves and is great to chill after a tiring, long day.