Exuding a light herbal, spicy scent with nuances of pungence.




Tonic and energizer for the mind and body.

The green fan-shaped leaves of the Centella also known as Gotu Kola has found its way into scrumptious salads, curries, nutritious herbs and beauty and medicinal therapies throughout ages. Classical Ayurvedic texts and long-held traditions esteem the humble-looking plant which is rich in phytonutrients that promote supple, youthful complexion and supports a healthy body and immunity. Used by the yogis of yore to improve meditation and a focused state of mind, it is also a cleansing herb with anti-bacterial qualities. A potent tonic for the mind, Centella is also said to aid cellular growth and production of collagen.

Empower yourself with the nourishing and potent Gya Labs™ Centella Hydrosol today.


A rejuvenative beauty tonic that helps promote firm, youthful looking complexion, Centella soothes the skin and purifies it with nutri-goodness.

Unlock the incredible secrets of the ancient yogis who used Centella to centre and focus their mind in a collected state of clarity and peace.

As a toxin remover, Centella naturally purifies with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Strengthen your well being today and keep infections at bay.

Gain a more restful sleep with nature’s tonic for the mind. Rejuvenate and recharge in Centella’s herbal therapy.


Caring for your skin becomes more fun and a lot simpler. Apply daily for a toned, clean skin while giving your skin a nourishing feel - it is a superb daily toner.

Spray away in your living spaces - it reinvigorates the soul. Whether you are recovering after a long day battling at work or need the added injection of clarity and recharge, try misting some cooling Centella and feel the difference.

To freshen up and clear staleness and stuck energy in your environment, let this naturally purifying mist help unblock energy that’s holding you back to your maximum comfort and potential.

Nurse yourself back to wellness and strength. Mist away as you let the natural wonders of Centella permeate your daily space and experience it’s prowess to keep you and your loved ones cared for from head to toe.