Cinnamon Bark


Radiating base to middles notes of a rich and well-rounded scent of Cinnamon in its natural form, it has a warm feel that has spicy, peppery and mildly herbaceous nuances.



Cinnamon Bark

A superb nature derived tonic, it cleanses as it promotes wellbeing

The pungent and distinctive aroma of this favourite spice found in many desserts and beverages today, Cinnamon needs little introduction as a flavoring additive. This belies its ancient history where this fragrant spice has earned it a reputation as a much coveted spice and aroma by many of the world’s great civilizations, colonial powers and traders for centuries. The peeled golden-brown barks of this evergreen plant, after undergoing a systematic process of steam distillation yields the potent and unmistakable essential oil of the Cinnamon Bark. Imbued with purifying antimicrobial and antiviral properties, this essential oil is a wellness toolkit, touted for its anti-inflammatory potency and aphrodisiac mood boosting aroma.

Exquisitely packed into a natural pure extract, you can now savour the tremendous purifying effects with the Gya Labs™ Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil today.


Triumph in your day-to-day life with an invigorating sense of clarity and alertness with this clear winner when it comes to producing positive effects on mental clarity.

Protects against free radical damage, it has rich antioxidants with preserving and cleansing effects that are help with high scores in your wellness report card.

The sexy appeal of this pleasing fragrance is a superb libido booster and helps notch up the spiciness level and sets the mood for relaxation, cuddles and romance.

Re-energize your soul with Cinnamon as it encourages vitality. Workout your way to better health, heart and circulation as you bask in its uplifting aroma.

Cinnamon essential oil is packed with natural compounds and nutrients that are allies to support a healthy metabolic and healthy immune system.


Make fun, gentle and fragrant baths by adding it into your soap, mouth-rinse, toothpaste, facial wash and shampoo with the purifying anti-bacterial effects of Cinnamon as it cleanses and leaves a lingering refreshing odor, ensuring your skin feels rejuvenated!

The warm smells of comfort that everyone yearns for, let its fragrance waft through your living area with the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser as it relaxes everyone and calms down nerves.

As a headache remedy, inhale in comfort and exhale away your stresses of the day with this natural pure deodorant.

For an effective and natural cleaning spray, add a little Cinnamon essential oil and experience the difference as your home feels pure and smells cuddly-awesome.