Cinnamon Cassia


A distinctively stronger fragrant aroma of Cinammon, the Cinnamon Cassia is known as a delicious spicy-sweet scent with medium to top notes with tinges of woodiness and earthiness.



Cinnamon Cassia

Fragrant, uplifting and warming aroma steeped in ancient tradition.

In the southern region of China, the Cinnamon Cassia flourishes and have been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, with records dating thousands of years in the ancient annals and royal records of ancient China. Strong and flavourful, this humble spice derived from the bark of the Cassia tree has also been exalted in ancient Egypt, Rome, the Arabian peninsula and been mentioned even in the Bible as a sweet-smelling and fine spice. Good for the heart, immunity and pressure, it is one of nature’s “warming” therapy that battles sluggishness while calming the heart.

Feel and experience the powerful cooling, cleansing and nourishing properties of the Gya Labs™ Cinnamon Cassia Oil today as it leaves you refreshed, cared for and pampered.


Rejoice and feel the delightful fragrance that drives away lethargy of the mind and heart with this natural mood booster. The Gya Labs™ Cinnamon Cassia Essential Oil uplifts your mood and diffusing Cinnamon Cassia into your space evokes calm and a warm comforting feeling.

A natural purifying oil, it cleanses your surroundings and is good to combat bacteria, fungus, molds or stale air around the home or office. Try it and be awakened and feel the jolt of freshness

Wonderful for your wellbeing, Cinnamon Cassia is a recipe for a healthy body and immunity. It works well for the heart and tummy as it warms up the mood and body. Seek comfort when having diarrhea or feeling fluish.

One of nature’s most loved flavours, Cinnamon Cassia also warms up the mood of your space and releases negative feelings or energy in a space, keeping your loved ones in relaxation and serenity.


Sluggish, tired and surrounded by stale space? Claim vigour and peace with the pure concentrate using the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser. Cinnamon Cassia will uplift and heal your mood.

Feel the sense of renewal of your body as you try Cinnamon Cassia essential oil in your massage as your therapist applies slow and pressured techniques to knead away stress, fatigue and poor circulation.

Seeking comfort when you are unwell? When plagued by flu or simply feeling hard to get out of bed, try a whiff of purifying Cinnamon Cassia.

Keep your home and workplace as a peaceful and clean haven. In areas where there is a lack of sunlight or ventilation, brighten the mood by diffusing some Cinnamon Cassia or inhale its invigorating and soothing scent.