Clove Bud


Exuding a sweet, warm yet spicy, pungent and woody scent with traces of phenol in medium to strong tones.



Clove Bud

Intense purification, a tropical blessing for healthy teeth and gums

From the famed Spice Islands of the Moluccas and greater Indonesian archipelago, this versatile spice has found its way to perfumery, cooking, traditional medicine and remedies for its unique sweet-spicy fragrance and potent cleansing benefits. Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine has a dedicated place for Clove as it is known to freshen the breath and maintaining a healthy set of fine-looking teeth and gums. In Middle Ages Europe, legend has it that when the Black Plague struck which left countless of dead bodies across cities and villages, a group of thieves escaped its fatal fury by blending a secret mix of spices and plant derivatives that shielded them from this natural onslaught. One of the key ingredients to this then secret blend included the powers of Clove. The tiny dried flower buds has to be harvested in batches to produce the quantity needed to produce the extraction of its prized oils

Today, it back, purify your surroundings as you bask in the aroma of the Gya Labs™ Clove Bud Essential Oil.


As a wellness boost packed with rich antioxidants and minerals, Clove Bud essential oil is known for helping soothe infections and cuts as it has natural antiseptic effects.

Smile with confidence as you enjoy Clove’s cleansing effects - it is dense with antibacterial compounds that leaves your breath fresh!

Maintain that summer glow. Its luxurious and pampering effects for the skin help keep you feel youthful and beautiful. Clove has purifying properties and is packed with botanical nutrients for one’s wellness.

Maintain a healthy daily ritual. Breathe easier with Clove’s pungent aroma which helps unblock negative emotions and irregular breathing.

Need a powerful bug repellant? Pests shy away from Clove’s cleansing and strong aroma.


Harness the cleansing effects of Clove Bud essential oil - let it waft through and imbue a sense of tranquility by diffusing with the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser and let every breath soothe you and your loved ones.

Embrace beauty and good complexion as you cleanse and purify your skin - add Clove Bud essential oil into your facial regime (you may add honey to sweeten it) or to your body wash or shampoo!

Fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums comes with good oral hygiene. Clove bud is rich in minerals and has potent cleansing effects - you may add a drop with your gargle for a soothing purifying ritual or add a drop to your toothbrush while brushing with toothpaste.

Boost your energy with a deep, relaxing massage. Clove bud helps restore your balance as the expert hands of your therapist massages away fatigue and aches.

Rich in antibacterial compounds, keep your surroundings clean and sparkly clear of mold and fungus. Mix a little with detergent or with your household cleansing agent to enjoy a clean, relaxing surrounding.