Egyptian Geranium


Florally refreshing with mild penetrating herbaceous body notes



Egyptian Geranium

Famed as a skin tonic in Egypt.

The women bask in the holistic gains of the oil to attain beautiful and radiant complexion just as well to alleviate dysmenorrhoea. Prized as one of the most versatile species in the botanical world, its agility to complement a wide range of oil populace together with the capability to stabilise any form of imbalance in life such as stress and restlessness.

Take comfort and revel in the therapeutic benefits of the concentrated and natural Gya Labs™ Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil today.


Skin-balancing oil that improves overall skin complexion.

Aid in reducing the presence of wrinkles by tightening facial skin and delaying effects of premature aging.

Prevent muscles and skin from sagging.

Alleviates the effects of menopause and menstrual discomforts.


Allow Gya Labs™ Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil permeate your space when diffuse a few drops.

Add two drops of geranium oil to skin care and apply twice daily for better results.

Soothes and relieve menstrual discomfort when applied topically to lower abdomen region.

Create a blend by mixing five drops of geranium oil with one tablespoon of jojoba oil, massage into skin for toning.