Emitting a deep sweet and warm citrusy and woody scent, with hints of pine and light spiciness of base notes.




Beauty elixir and wellness panacea with a rich tradition

Originating from some of the most arid and uninhabitable regions in the African continent comes one of nature’s most revered botanical blessings. This endearing plant, rich in healing benefits and long upheld as a divine scent rich in diverse traditions and spiritual circles including the ancient Egyptians, Greek, Arabs, Hebrews and even Chinese. Revel in its youthful, healthy and relaxation-inducing properties of Frankincense.

Natural, pure and unadulterated. Try the Gya Labs™ Frankincense Essential Oil today, one of the world’s most celebrated essential oils.


Beckon rest with this favourite scent and pave your nights to deeper sleep and a more balanced you. The sweet aroma of Frankincense is awesome for people who wish to return to a joyful and centred state of mind and for beating the blues away.

Help defy aging and the effects of modern world stress. Its cleansing and anti-aging benefits help bring out a more confident you with its skin purifying, nourishing and moisturising effects.

Immune boosting, its botanical nutrients help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by lending support to your immunity as it also encourages a healthy digestive and nervous system.

Heal at a cellular level with this natural tonic that helps you relax and breathe better.


Build focus and concentration - try to diffuse Frankincense essential oil with the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser and meditate in its natural calming presence.

Experience the miraculous wonders of nourished, healthy skin. Mix it in your baths and shampoo as you cleanse impurities away in a deeply satisfying experience.

Prepare your body for rest and deep sleep. Frankincense has a relaxing effect on your nerves and you would feel refreshed after a good night of slumber. Try applying it in your bed space and bedroom for a peaceful feel.

A clean home helps you stay happy and focused. A superb natural antiseptic, include Frankincense in your cleaning regime and cleaning agents as it gently purifies your surrounding.

A sweet deodorant, Frankincense evokes calm as it freshens up you and your surroundings. Apply it on your articles of clothing and home to help bring you emotional healing.