German Chamomile


With medium notes of sweet, herbal, herbaceous scent that reminds you of the calming, soft flowers of the Chamomile.



German Chamomile

Delicately uplifts the spirit and a trusted beauty aid.

Its delicate petals are native to Europe and parts of Western Asia, but its exceptionally appealing scent and qualities have spread it to many households across the globe. Prized for over a millennia, ancient Greeks have long used it for their healing prowess while the ancient Egyptians revere it as a medicine panacea and beauty tool. Its deep rich blue colours borrowed from its Azulene compound captivates fans the world over. Gentle and mild - it suits a wide range of age groups from the young to the elderly. Yet its potency as a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent makes it useful to soothe dry, irritated skin, beating the blues away and bringing in feelings of peace. Let your skin naturally shine and look beautiful with this youthful elixir that is wonderful for soothing acne, skin infections and scarring.

You are one bottle away from the natural goodness of the German Chamomile, one of nature’s oldest secrets. Try the Gya Labs™ German Chamomile Hydrosol today.


Maintain that beautiful lustre in you! Rejuvenation and relaxation from within helps in regulating reparative cellular cycles, keeping your skin elastic and firm.

Propel yourself to a state of happiness, calmness with one of nature’s delicately uplifting fragrance - a mood booster you’d be grateful for!

Deeply purifying with anti-inflammatory properties, it is wonderful as a supplementary skincare and beauty regime to help keep it moist and clean always with a lingering sweet aroma that boosts your morale.

Check in to a state of wellness as you return vigour and vitality in a subtle manner. Let better circulation, cleansing and the balancing effects of German Chamomile help heal you every step of the way.


For that moisturizing effect on your hair, spritz some onto your hair and let it lock the natural shine and moisture so vital for comfort and beautiful looking hair.

It makes an awesome toning agent - mist some as your toner for tired-looking skin, keeping it supple always. German chamomile, with its purifying and natural antiseptic qualities make it a favourite cosmetic for beauty care and cosmetics. You can also incorporate it into your own healing facial mask

Feeling under the weather or having a bout of migraine? Let its calmness embark you to a state of tranquility as you spray it close to you.

Soothe any muscle or joint aches and sprains with the anti-inflammatory and calming effects of Blue Chamomile. Apply and mist to elevate your moods as it brings you comfort to the body and soul.

Cooling and soothing, spread some joy and try it to moisten wipes for irritated and dry skin - keeping it moist and clean!