Radiating an aroma of middle to top notes with herbaceous, light and clear refreshing with traces of balsamic woody backnotes and a lingering sweetness.




Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, Lemon



Gya Labs™ Immune Mixed Blend Essential Oil is curated specifically to strengthen the body’s natural immunity. The unique blend of ingredients for this amalgamation constitutes mainly of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange and Lemon. Known as Melaleuca alternifolia to the Australian aboriginals for the past 10 decades due to its infamous cleansing properties, the fresh, woody and herbaceous Tea Tree provides a tremendous boost to the body’s immune system by keeping skin infections and irritations at bay. When fused with the earthy and herby Eucalyptus from its same motherland, it activates the body’s natural defense shield by providing antioxidant protection and improving respiratory circulation. To further improvise this special blend, we’ve augmented the formula to include citrus elements which are refreshing to the senses. Homegrown in the cooling bountiful valleys of Southern China for more than a millenium, the bittersweet, fruity Sweet Orange’s rich limonene content prevents oxidative stress from occurring which would negatively affects the body’s immunity. Upon mixing with the succulent, citrusy and refreshing Lemon grown in temperate regions of Southeast Asia, the plentiful presence of Vitamin C functions as a health shield which improves your overall health well-being.

With Gya Labs™ Immune Mixed Blend Essential Oil’s peculiar concoction , you wouldn’t find another in the market as exclusive and amazing smelling as this. Indulge yourself and unwind from all the husting with the superior experience bestowed by Gya Labs’ essential oil blends.

Cooling and deodorizing, Eucalyptus cleansing properties eases migraines and purifies respiratory tract problems such as nasal congestions and excess nasal fluids.

A natural health shield itself, Tea Tree’s potent healing capabilities soothes skin irritations and improve dry scalp conditions.

Rich in Vitamin C, Lemon strengthens the body’s immunity against pernicious pathogens.

Tea Tree acts as a natural defender for your body’s immunity from seasonal allergies and illnesses.

Sweet Orange’s enriched limonene essence acts as a potent defender for the body from oxidative stress, further enhancing its natural immunity from seasonal allergies and illnesses.


Add a few drops in Gya Labs’ diffuser for a natural, healing aromatherapy experience. Alternatively, dilute with matching carrier oils for a relaxing, carefree massage to revitalize distressed, fatigued body and mind.