Exuding base notes of deep, warm, sweet, floral and endearing and intoxicating fragrance, it has earned the name “Queen of the Night”.




Sensual fragrance and supreme relaxant.

There are valid reasons why the name Jasmine is derived from the Persian Yasameen meaning "gift from God". The tender cluster of the Jasmine blooms at night and its legendary fragrance has made it a favourite in Asian and Middle Eastern cultures to perfume brides and in weddings and in spiritual circles that evoke a sense of the divine. From Damascus, Bangkok, Mumbai to Jakarta, the Jasmine is still a an emblem of love that inspires feminine beauty, purity and feelings of love and peace. Its legendary fragrance elates the soul, awakens a sense of romanticism in mere mortals, inspires poets and guide the journey of souls seeking peace and calmness. It is used to regulate and help in smoother breathing, lowering pressure and stress and is a boost for a more robust wellbeing.

Be captivated with the seductive fragrance and energizing potency of the Gya Labs™ Jasmine Hydrosol today.


Let Jasmine’s magnetic fragrance cascade into your soul, enveloping it with a sense of revitalized sweetness.

Sensually inviting, Jasmine elicits feelings of comfort, safety and romance. Need that spark between your bae and yourself? Look no further in this romantic healing fragrance.

Trouble sleeping? Unlock a reservoir of calmness as waves of its exotic scent permeate your space and lull you into a state of peaceful rest.

Rich in phyto goodness, Jasmine is a potent wellbeing booster helping keep irritation and infections at bay. It is traditionally used to help breathe better as you relax and unwind in its natural whiffs of aroma

An emotional therapy useful when facing cramps, headaches, menstrual cycles or feelings of restlessness, let Jasmine work wonders in placating your soul.

Natural purifier - Jasmine soothes and helps make healing more tolerable in infections and bug bites and for rejuvenation of the heart and body.


When romance is the name of the game, this sweet feminine aroma envelops you and your lover in an ecstatic state of bliss and deep comfort - perfect ingredients to spice up the mood! Spritz some in your bedroom, on your pillows or as a natural deodorant.

For an invigorating sense of revitalized energy, mist some in the room of your massage session and feel heaviness fade away.

A sweet-smelling floral toner that keeps you feeling moist, cared for and confident throughout the day, Jasmine is one hydrosol that you will fall in love with.

If feeling the blues or unwell, bask in rest and hail the road to recovery in a calm state of comfort with the highly fragrant and therapeutic aroma of Jasmine.