Showcasing a Lavender-like sweet aroma of middle to top notes with delicate trails of a more camphorous flavour in scent.




Keep calm and stay happy with the French Lavender.

Lavandin, a relative of the its more famous cousin, the Lavender shares many of Lavender’s therapeutic benefits and holds its own celebrity rights as a high quality essential oil. With a high camphorous content than Lavender, Lavandin is reputed to be more potent, powerful and uplifting than lavender essential oil to awaken the senses. This hybrid of two Lavender species

An uplifting herb that blends with today’s demanding lifestyle - get your pure and natural Gya Labs™ Lavandin Essential Oil today.


Relaxation in a bottle. Start the day on a positive note with fresh, invigorating Lavandin. Battle away sadness, stress and anxiety with this powerful voice of nature that dispels negativity in feelings as it uplifts you to a state of fresh awakening and lightness.

Its healing properties thanks to its natural antiseptic properties tout it as one of nature’s gift to heal, soothe and minimize inflammations as it protects against infection and small wounds or body aches.

Having a bout of cold or cough - Lavandin, like its cousin helps relieve blocked passages for a smoother breathing.

This natural beauty agent keeps your skin looking young and pampered. With a high dose of nutrients and its calming effects, feel rejuvenation in your skin as you fade away marks on the complexion.

A natural bug buster that keeps you in comfort always.


Tap into a reservoir of uplifting aroma as you relax your senses. With the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser, you can turn your home into a convenient spa of choice.

Relieve colds and coughs with the soothing effects of Lavandin as you inhale as and when needed.

Cleansing your face and skin no longer becomes a mere routine. Inject a sense of fresh aroma as your cleansing regime becomes a notch more sophisticated, calmer and potent.

Whenever you are feeling low in energy, or having a bout of cough or cold, count on Lavandin to lift your spirits away, and while you are at it, you can even include it in your massage session to soak in the difference!

Scent your room and awaken your senses to begin work on that important deal or looming project with Lavandin’s naturally mild stimulating fragrance.