A strong aroma of top notes and a particularly lemony peel scent, this strong, purifying, citrus scent revitalizes and uplifts the mood.




Deeply cleansing, nature’s purifier, famed for its healing prowess

The rolling hillsides coupled with the temperate Mediterranean climate is perfect for rich Lemon groves. Held in high esteem in its native Asia, as well as in numerous cultures in Asia, Middle East and Europe for its refreshing flavour and scent as well as its cleansing properties for ages, Lemons are dense in phytonutrients and a rich source of natural Vitamin C and B6. Once a symbol of privilege and found in the domains of the wealthy, the Lemon is still as highly valued to improve concentration and to alleviate mental tiredness, while supporting your metabolism and comforting the skin.

Feel and experience the powerful cooling, cleansing and nourishing properties of the Gya Labs™ Lemon Essential Oil today as it leaves you refreshed, cared for and pampered.


Be refreshed, feel alive and smile away through the frantic pace of life. A powerful mood booster, Gya Labs™ Lemon Essential Oil uplifts your mood and diffusing Lemon essential oil in the air works wonders to beat depression and sluggishness.

Pamper yourself with beautiful skin. Boasting regenerative and skin rejuvenating benefits, Lemon essential oil helps brighten and nourishes dull skin while cleansing oily skin and ridding acne.

Feel good with nature’s elixir - Lemon’s therapeutic properties helps your immune system overcome colds and infections. A powerful detoxifier, rejuvenate your energy with this natural aromatherapy and bug repellant.

Embarrassing and unwanted odor? Lemon oil exudes freshness and a scent that uplifts. So versatile you can even use it with laundry freshener, face wash and household cleaner.


Sluggish, tired and surrounded by stale space? Regain calmness as vitality by adding pure concentrate to the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser. Lemon essential oil works wonders to clear cigarette smoke and leaves you refreshed and balanced.

Feel renewed in body and mind as you experience Lemon essential oil in your massage as it cleanses and reinvigorates as your therapist applies slow and pressured techniques to knead away stress, fatigue and poor circulation.

For soft velvety skin, try mixing it to your shampoo or body or facial wash and soak in suppleness, beauty and comfort.

To add a dash of freshness, you may add a drop to your dishwasher or fabric rinse cycle. Let lemon also keep your living space spotless with a citrusy scent as it is a natural disinfectant.

Looking for a healthy figure? Lemon essential oils supports your metabolism and helps in losing that unwanted weight when taken together with a regime of healthy meals and exercise.