Bursting with a fragrance that is sweet, floral, powdery and herbaceous notes.




Enchanting legacy of the Nile and a contemporary oasis of peace.

Once growing luxuriantly in the water banks of the River Nile, the Lotus held a close place in the hearts and traditions of the ancient Egyptian civilization, revered not only for its enchanting beauty but for its properties in bringing about feelings of euphoria, releasing sensuality, as a hypnotic perfume and for its natural healing qualities. Esteemed in India as a symbol of purity and grace, growing attractively although stemming from the murky waters, it is today a highly potent and sought after therapy for those who cherish its mood uplifting perks and as a natural beauty tonic for the hair and body. Its disarming sky-blue petals and its mesmerizing beauty hides many wonderful botanical properties within!

Be enamoured by the experience of the sensual uplifting goodness of a bottle of the Gya Labs™ Lotus Hydrosol today.


Working wonders for uplifting the soul, be transported by its enthralling fragrance that transports you to a joyful, euphoric calmness. A perfect way to unwind after a hectic battle at work.

A ravishing beauty tonic, it delights the senses as it heals and provides natural hydration to tired-looking skin.

For better hair volume and moisturizing effects, try the Lotus Hydrosol. What’s more - it comes with an irresistible sweet scent that lingers.

A perfect balm when feeling unwell as it relaxes and soothes. Whether you or a loved one is facing tensions in the muscles, feeling the blues or even a discomfort in the tummy, let its enthralling scent soothe and distract you as you heal away.


Flaunt beautiful glowing skin and give your skin that much needed instant hydration - keeping it supple and sweet-smelling. Mist away in the morning and evenings and feel transformed by its enrapturing scent.

Bask in the afterglow of a refreshing bath session. Soak in its delightful mists on your body and stay rejuvenated from head to toe with nature’s delightful aroma.

A natural hair conditioner, spritz some in your lathering regime of hair care and boost your confidence with sweet-smelling and well nourished hair.

Need a quiet space and time for meditation? This companion takes you to a journey of deep rest as it works in a potent manner to uplift your soul. What better way to chill than basking at home in a sense of surrender and savouring a moment of peace.