With middle to top notes, the Magnolia exudes a sweet and captivating floral scent with a tinge of spiciness.




An alluring scent coupled with purifying goodness for the body and bringer of joy to the spirit.

The tropics and subtropical region of East and Southeast Asia are home to the famed luxuriant fragrant flowers of the Champaca or Magnolia tree. Steam distilled to produce the finest Magnolia floral water, the Magnolia hydrosol retains its potent antibacterial properties, helping to rejuvenate the mind, and due to its purifying qualities, is an idea mist for facial beauty and body comfort. Deemed fragrant enough as a sacred offering in Indian traditions, its scented flowers have a long-standing place in various Asian traditions as a natural perfume, a beauty accessory and to scent living spaces and is popular at weddings. Traditional Chinese traditions pays tribute beyond its fragrance to help boost circulation and for brewing healing tea concoctions.

Fall in love with the sweet intoxicating scent and natural goodness of the Gya Labs™ Magnolia Hydrosol today.


Envelop yourself in an aura of uplifting, joyful ambience. The cult of devoted fans for Magnolia are abundant and you’d understand why when you fall for its sweet whiff!

Rich in nutrients and naturally healing compounds, Magnolia has been used as a herbal tea, concoction and fragrance in many Asian cultures. Scientific backing regards Magnolia for its cleansing antibacterial qualities.

For beautiful skin texture, Magnolia is dense in phyto goodness that promotes healthy skin and complexion.

Ensure you and your loved ones are in constant comfort. A purified surrounding keeps your place infection-free and cleansed of stale energy.


Easy breathing with a heavenly scent. Try misting away as needed to imbue your space with this tropical aroma that evokes calmness and joy.

For that feminine glow, try spritzing as a toning agent onto your skin or onto your hair after a refreshing shower. It doubles instantly as a natural perfume that makes you smile and walk tall while feeling beautiful.

Mist some on your pillows and bedroom, and let it bring you deep relaxation and peace after a tiring day.

For a natural zest, rely on Magnolia’s rich phytonutrients that promote wellbeing for your loved ones. Spray around your home and sit back in Magnolia’s healing aroma.