Orange Blossom


With top notes of a herbaceous light scent that is more floral in scent, it is sharp and greenish, with oily orange hints.



Orange Blossom

An exclusive floral tonic of serenity and purification.

A supremely fragrant member of the Citrus family, the Gya Labs™ Orange Blossom Hydrosol is harvested from the luxuriant orange groves of the fertile plains of Egypt. The refreshing and thirst-quenching Orange has long been a symbol of purity and is a mainstream in traditional remedies, perfume, cosmetics, and culinary concoctions, of which the Orange Blossom Hydrosol is extracted from the fresh freshly plucked sweet-smelling flowers of the trees. Given that the right timing of harvest has a strong bearing on the quality of the flowers and its extracted potency, we work closely with farmers to bring you the best. Experience the deeply soothing benefits of Orange Blossom, also known as Neroli - lulling you to a restful state with its intoxicating floral aroma, purifying and nourishing with its dose of antioxidants.

You are one bottle away from the luxurious and pure goodness of Orange Blossom. Try the Gya Labs™ Orange Blossom Hydrosol today.


Bask in luxuriant yet subtle scents that heal your spirits and robs the stress away. The floral fresh citrusy scent of the Orange Blossom evokes a sense of serenity and renewal in your being.

A naturally aromatic hydrosol with citrusy tones, Orange Blossom is a keeper hydrosol that helps keep your surroundings purified, germ-free and odor-free.

Maintain that beautiful lustre in you! Rejuvenation and relaxation from within helps in regulating reparative cellular cycles, keeping your skin elastic and firm.

Calm your nerves and sleep better with nature’s perfect gift. Say farewell to tossing and turning in bed and enjoy a deeper sleep as you rejuvenate your body and heal from within.

A purified surrounding keeps your place infection-free and cleansed of stale energy, ensuring you and your loved ones are in constant comfort.


For that gift of serenity and zesty freshness, mist away as needed to imbue your space with one of nature’s potent therapeutic aromas.

For that glowing fresh feel and beautiful skin, Orange Blossom is a purifying toner. Try misting as a toning agent or onto your hair after showering.

Sweet dreams are made of these. Mist some on your pillows and bedroom, and let it calm you to a beautiful state of mind and sleep.

Is your body yearning for a good firm kneading? Spray some in your massage room and experience the journey of relaxation with this lingering of purifying aroma.

Breathing becomes smoother with a scent as relaxing as Orange Blossom. Help ease away tensions and blockages in your breathing.

Let your radiance and confidence shine. Orange Blossom, being a natural deodorant helps you stay balanced and attract the senses. Apply as needed on articles of clothing and near where you work or rest.