Organic Blue Tansy


Radiating an aroma of middle to top notes with herbaceous, light and clear refreshing with traces of balsamic woody backnotes and a lingering sweetness.



Organic Blue Tansy

Positively-uplifting and captivating.

Blue Tansy’s historical roots go deep throughout the ages of relic times. Famed for its dark shade of azure blue, the Tanacetum annuum is extracted from Mediterranean golden,button-like petite flowers grown among the fertile valleys of northern Morocco. Cultivated in exquisite herb gardens by the ancient Greeks and Benedictine monks for its infamous medicinal properties, it’s capable of relieving aches and joint pains when applying deep massages on fatigued muscle tissues. In Irish folklore, the essence was an essential in luxurious baths and skincare among the royalties and queens’ consorts in favor of its mellow, balsamic aroma which relaxes and calms the inner spirit. To this date, this blue beauty is cherished greatly for its soothing properties which lightens and purify your velvety skin.

Indulge and savour in the ultimate experience of Nature’s healing and pamper with Gya Labs™ Blue Tansy Essential Oil today.


For beautiful skin and radiance skin tone, Blue Tansy helps retain moisture with its supple moisturizing effects and cleanses oily sebum as well as blemishes.

A natural protector and defender of your body, Blue Tansy phytonutrients provide a natural boost towards your immunity from opportunistic skin conditions such as toe and nail yeasts.

Blue Tansy gently soothes tensed muscles; calming stressed nerves and grants a peaceful state of mind, making it one of the finest essential oil choices to unwind yourselves for a luxurious massage.

With Blue Tansy’s sweet, delighting gentle scent, it purifies your surrounding ambience within your space and creates a positive atmosphere.


For a calming; destressing massage, dilute with matching carrier oils such as Lemon and Cedarwood Atlas for muscle relieving purposes.

Uplifts your melancholic mood and bring joy and peace to your space by spritzing it around as a relaxing room spray with sweet, floral scent.

For radiant and smooth skin, mix a few drops in your daily skincare regime for purifying benefits or infused it with shampoo and shower gels for a lingering luscious aroma around you.