Organic Frankincense


Radiating an aroma of middle to top notes with herbaceous, light and clear refreshing with traces of balsamic woody backnotes and a lingering sweetness.



Organic Frankincense

Beauty elixir and wellness panacea with a rich tradition.

Frankincense is derived from the resin of Boswellia serrata trees which are native to the dry, mountainous regions of northeast Africa and India. Frankincense’s influence can be clearly observed throughout the pages of history. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs burn the resins as spiritual offerings to appease the gods, whereas the fabled emperor Nero burnt an entire year’s harvest in memory of his passing wife Poppaea. Emanating a warm, sweet and piney scent, it is often incorporated in praying incenses and meditational oils for a conducive atmosphere in spiritual practices. The immune-enhancing abilities of the essence boosts your body’s natural defense. On the other hand, Frankincense is an effective skin astringent and natural sleep aid for restless individuals as well.


The luscious, fruity aroma of Frankincense restores yourself to a joyful and centred state of mind, hindering the stressful blues and beckons a deep, peaceful sleep every night.

Frankincense combats free radicals towards your skin and slows down the effects of aging with its rich phytonutrients.

The cleansing properties from Frankincense naturally relieves oral health complications such as bad breath and tooth irritations when diluted as an organic mouthwash without preservatives.

Frankincense is exceptional effective when applied in studying sessions for an improved strength of mind for better memory or spiritual practices where greater focus is required during sessions.


For a heightened focus and better concentration, diffuse together with Lavender or Sweet Orange and meditate in a calming, centered presence of spirit and body.

For a nourishing, healthier skin tone, mix it in your bathtub for a stress-relieving bath soak or shower gels as you cleanse impurities off your body for a purifying experience.

Dilute with purified water as a relaxing room spray to mist in your bedroom to prepare yourself for a peaceful slumber and unwind tense minds.

Sweet and exhilarating, freshen up your surroundings and clothings with Frankincense as a natural deodorant.