Organic German Chamomile


German Chamomile perspires a slightly dry, bittersweet aroma as compared to Roman Chamomile, with apple-like nuances and tinge of tartness.



Organic German Chamomile

Heralded as one of the oldest healing botanicals known to civilization, the influence of Chamomile goes back to ancient times of age-old history.

Slightly different from Roman Chamomile, this German variation carries a dry bittersweet scent with hints of light apples. Anglo-Saxons considered German Chamomile as one of the 9 Sacred Herbs, recorded for its amazing healing properties in the manuscripts. Famed for the rich blue hue, Matricaria recutita is derived and steam-distilled from fully bloomed, daisy-like flowers cultivated in the fertile soils of Hungary. Having the highest levels of azulene amongst chamomile genus, German Chamomile nourishes the skin and hair for a healthier complexion. Its calming and warming nature soothes distressed thoughts, relieves aches and promotes better digestive health.

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The soothing aroma of German Chamomile calms tensed emotions, keeping negative thoughts at bay with its cheery brightness that heals the soul.

German Chamomile naturally relieves pain by encouraging circulation, spreading healing vibes to aching muscles and relax from within.

The high levels of azulene in German Chamomile makes it a great purifier for the skin, smoothing and hydrating the complexion for healthier beauty.

German Chamomile contains rich phytonutrients, cleansing the scalp and hair for radiant shine and lustrous beauty.


For a calming aromatherapy session, diffuse German Chamomile in a diffuser to ease stress and tension that builds up.

To ease muscle aches, blend German Chamomile with Jojoba for a relaxing massage oil that release tense muscles.

For healthier skin tone, add a few drops of German Chamomile into moisturizer and toner to soothe skin.

To cleanse your scalp and hair, blend German Chamomile with Argan carrier oil and use as a nourishing after-shower hair conditioner.