Exuding base notes with a medium aroma, enveloped with both an earthy and a light fruity scent, its scent is known for being rich with a whiff of muskiness.




Welcome glowing complexion, cell-rejuvenation, and a mood lifter all in one

Tropical Java yields this perennial herb, long prized by the traditional communities in Southeast Asia as a remedy as its forms an important part of the rich cultural concoction for beauty and vitality in Indonesia. It is our hope that you can experience the tranquility associated with Patchouli, as it brings inner peace and balance into your life. Embrace healthier and beautiful-looking skin with patchouli as it boosts your immunity and well-being with Patchouli’s therapeutic appeal.

Dive into the secrets of the Javanese elders and bask in the goodness of these hand picked and special extraction as you enjoy the Gya Labs™ Patchouli Essential Oil today. .


For beautiful glowing complexion, patchouli is rich in anti-aging and cell-rejuvenation properties, and is excellent in promoting healthy skin while being a traditional remedy for acne and healing scars.

Lounge in relaxation and serenity with Patchouli as a natural way to unwind and uplift your spirits.

Keep infections at bay and stay healthy the natural and traditional way - Patchouli is packed with naturally occurring immune boosting properties and an abundant source of antioxidants.

Spice up up your romance and enhance your intimate relationships with this herb known for its hormonal and aphrodisiac mood boosters.


Unwind and soothe your soul. Diffuse with a Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser to infuse an aura of rejuvenation and a peaceful relaxing ambience. Release negative feelings such as anger, anxiety and worries of the day.

For beautiful and healthy complexion, use a few drops with your facial wash. Let it combat your acne blues away, help heal scars and boost your self esteem!

Let Patchouli work its magic by cleansing and healing your hair - simply mix it into your hair wash as you enjoy a relaxing warm bath. Did you know Patchouli is also good for preventing and healing dandruff conditions and hair loss?

Look forward to a peaceful and restive sleep - Patchouli when diffused, relaxes you. Breathe all its goodness in.

A healthy outside starts from the inside. Enjoy the scent and use it in a massage, or in a warm bath. Patchouli helps boosts your wellness, and improves digestion. When hit by a fever or a cold, patchouli soothes you back to recovery.