Stop worrying about pesky insects with one of nature’s very own bug repellant - apply it on any of your clothing, fabric, shoes and wherever needed.




Nature’s calming aroma with deeply cleansing potency

A supremely fragrant member of the Citrus family, the Gya Labs™ Petitgrain Essential Oil is harvested from the rich endless groves of orange trees in the Mediterranean provinces of Spain. The refreshing and thirst-quenching Orange has long been a staple in traditional remedies, perfume, cosmetics, and culinary concoctions but even the fresh leaves and tender twigs of the tree yields benefits, of which the Petitgrain Essential oil is extracted using steam distillation before bottling up the goodness to you. Beckon the relaxing and soothing Petitgrain’s benefits which ranges from lulling one to a restful state of slumber, to cleansing the self and surroundings, and to fill your space with a fresh, zesty scent that awakens your senses.

Grab a bottle today to experience the benefits of this pure and vitamin-rich Gya Labs™ Petitgrain Essential Oil.


A wonderful state of mind begins with ample rest and rejuvenation. The citrusy scent of the Petitgrain invokes calmness and a sense of renewal in you.

A naturally fragrant essential oil, Petitgrain is definitely one oil that helps keep your surroundings purified and odor-free.

Calm your nerves and sleep better with nature’s gift. Bid goodbye to restless sleep and bask in a state of good, deep slumber with Petitgrain’s therapeutic benefits.

A purified surrounding keeps your place infection-free and cleansed of stale energy, ensuring you and your loved ones are a notch up towards a healthy state of wellness.


Apply some in your resting area and bedroom, and let it calm you to a beautiful state of mind and sleep. Bid adieu to insomnia as you relax better.

For an ambience infused with serenity and zesty freshness, diffuse it with the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser and allow the fragrance to fill your home and workplace.

Apply some in your massage session - feel the rejuvenation as you relax in its cleansing citrusy aroma.

For that glowing fresh feel and beautiful skin, Petitgrain is purifying and can be incorporated into your soaps and facial wash easily. Enjoy the process of being refreshed in your shower!

Breathing becomes smoother with a scent as relaxing as Petitgrain. Help ease away tensions and blockages in your breathing.

As a natural deodorant, the subtle sweet aroma attracts attention and keeps you on top of the game. Apply as needed on articles of clothing and near where you work or rest.