Rose Geranium


With a scent close to roses, the evocatively soft, delicate rich sweet tones of the Rose Geranium has definite floral after notes.



Rose Geranium

Anti-aging elixir, delightful aroma and purifying the mind and body.

Unsurprisingly sometimes confused with the rose, having shared benefits and even sharing a faint rose-like fragrance, Rose Geranium is a native of Africa known for its uplifting scent and curative healing effects. The Europeans have long been enchanted by this herbal trophy for its joyful exuberance that balances and nourishes the skin with its contracting-inducing effects. In Victorian times, Rose Geraniums were placed in corners and areas of the homes so that their aroma would be released with the brushing by the long pleated skirts of passing ladies. All these compelling reasons address your needs for beauty, relaxation and confidence.

Sit back and experience the phenomenal healing scents of the natural and unadulterated Gya Labs™ Rose Geranium Hydrosol today.


Rejuvenate, stay joyful and in charge. Let Rose Geranium work wonders to uplift your day, battling feelings of hopelessness or anxiety.

For tired looking skin, it makes a wonderful companion! Imagine having a sweet aura about you as you induce fine lines to tighten with Rose Geranium’s beautifying and anti-aging and cell rejuvenation effects. Suitable for all skin types and conditions, let it work on clogged pores for a finer looking you.

Rose Geranium helps calm the body and mind with feminine cycles such as menstrual and menopausal changes in women.

Spritz away with Rose Geranium to bring relief to irritated and infected skin and body, surrounding yourself with its delightfully sweet balancing aroma.


For firmer, radiant and beautiful skin, mist gently with this natural anti-aging toning agent as you slowly reduce fine lines due to its astringent properties which encourages skin to contract.

For an aura of feminine relaxation and beauty, mist it around you and allow the fragrance to permeate your space with the lovely mood of joy.

For that glowing fresh feel for your hair, Rose Geranium scents as it nourishes your hair as you spritz it during or after shower.

Rejuvenate your tired senses with this pure natural deodorant. Titillate and playfully inject delightfulness into your home and surroundings as you mist it in your bedroom, on the place where your body rests and recharge its peace and balance.

As a natural deodorant, the subtle sweet aroma attracts attention and letting you feel in charge of your day’s moods and confidence.