Emitting a base aroma of medium strength, it has a lingering rich and delicate balsamic woody fragrance that is warm with nuances of milky powdery or creamy wood scents.




Achieve a meditative state of mind with this uplifting and cleansing fragrance that encourages a journey within.

Revered traditionally for ages in Indian medicine and spirituality, the Chandana in Hindi or Sandalwood is an evergreen plant that thrives in the higher elevations of the Indian subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia. With an exquisite scent that is world famous for inducing a calmness within and for its rich naturally occurring antioxidant and antiviral qualities - it is a heritage of mankind that continues to be used in circles as diverse as sacred ceremonies, therapeutic benefits, mental health support and modern day relaxation.

Journey within and seek peace and clarity with one of the finest hydrosols and potent fragrances around with the experience of the Gya Labs™ Sandalwood Hydrosol today.


The famed scent of Sandalwood evokes calmness and helps put you in a clear and relaxed state. Combat modern day stresses with a morning and evening basked in an uplifting scent that lulls the mind to a meditative, focused state.

For a boost of anti-aging goodness, Sandalwood is cleansing yet dense with antioxidant properties useful for healthy and beautiful looking skin and hair. Antiviral and antiseptic in nature, it is traditionally used for acne, warts and skin woes.

Warm up the spice and romance in your life. With a scent that is similar to human pheromones, Sandalwood is a known aphrodisiac scent that helps with a libido and mood booster for intimacy between couples.

Cleanse and purify your space with a lingering ambience of calmness. Besides soothing the soul, its antiseptic and purifying qualities promote smooth breathing.


Whether to have a better rest at night, or a recharged day in the morning, mist Sandalwood around your space as it brings you to a centre of calmness - to frame your mind in a peak state of clarity and mental alertness to face the day. Perfect for some quiet time, meditation or before a yoga or exercise practise too!

Desire clean, beautiful skin? Revisit the secrets of the ancient Indian sages and elders who prize the characteristic fragrance of Sandalwood for healthy skin and hair. This natural toner purifies skin and lets tiredness fade away.

For a woody scent in your space and body, spray some on your clothings and surroundings. A natural cologne that can be blended with other hydrosols for that unique lingering scent that would turn heads your way.

For smooth and delicate sweet-smelling hair and body, mix a little with your shampoo or blend while or after showering for a lingering relaxing scent.

Spray some in the bedroom and before an evening date - Sandalwood has an aphrodisiac qualities that spices up your romance life and is good for a healthy mental libido. Let warmth and intimacy be your game.