Radiating a subtle dry aroma of middle to top notes with a herbaceous and slightly floral scent, Thyme has a hint of pine, mint and herbal camphor.




Beauty and a sense of serenity that emanates from within

The hardy and perennial Thyme has been used in a myriad of cultures for centuries to purify, in beauty rituals and to induce calmness since the times of ancient Egypt and Greece right up to the Middle Ages in Europe and Mediterranean lands. As a remedy, Thyme is revered for easing feminine cycles of menstruation and menopause. High in thymol and antibacterial properties, the organic compounds of Thyme has a cleansing effect that supports a healthy body and naturally repel insects.

Herbal remedy and uplifting fragrance, feel the effects on your wellbeing with our unadulterated Gya Labs™ Thyme Essential Oil harvested and extracted from France.


Regain clarity and be relaxed. Thyme has an aroma that calms the senses, returning you to an emotional state of balance.

Deeply cleansing, Thyme is a wonderful elixir for beauty that nourishes with its phytonutrients and rejuvenating effects.

A boost to your wellbeing, Thyme targets blood circulation and is great for a deeper, more relaxing pace of breathing - a perfect way to unwind after a day of rush and bustle.

Thyme is also packed with immune-boosting ingredients that keep you feeling refreshed.

Wary of pesky bugs and insects when you are out in the outdoors? Thyme is a natural deodorant that helps keep away bugs and insects at bay.


Revitalize and re-energize with Thyme’s relaxing and fatigue-busting aroma - try to add pure concentrate to Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser and let your stress and fatigue fade away.

For a deeply relaxing and re-energizing massage session, let out a few drops and savour the experience as gentle hands knead away the stresses of the day.

For that boost of phytonutrients that are useful in warding infections, apply a little around you as it purifies your space and body.

Try it with your cleansing regime for your warm baths and shampoo as you soak in its purifying and cleansing properties, keeping you fresh and feeling cared for.

For that restful, fresh space and comfort, feel free to mix with water, vinegar and Thyme essential oil and use it on to add shine and rid away the grime in your home.

Enjoy its high versatility and let it energize you daily - apply it on any of your clothing, fabric, shoes or on yourself!