Vitamin C


Gya Labs™ Vitamin C Serum, there’s nothing else like this ageless beauty elixir with amazing nutrients bestowed by Mother Nature for your skin to savor on.



Vitamin C Serum

Derived from the finest quality of natural ingredients Mother Nature has to offer to mankind, Gya Labs Vitamin C Serum is a potent elixir with a concoction of natural elements filled with fascinating benefits that works wonders for your skin.

In Gya Labs, we take pride in ensuring our products retain up to 100% purity of the benefits procured from the gathered natural ingredients. Take the Solagum AX for instance, this ECOCERT-certified polymer is derived from the gums of Africa acacia trees, carefully hand-picked by local African farmers. By fusing with SC-Glucan extracted from earthy Brazilian mushrooms native to the tropical lands of Madagascar, these ingredients amplifies rapid growth of revitalized skin cells and provides a silky smooth texture to your skin. On the other hand, Ceramosides HP is extracted from the universal source of life - wheat grain. Grown in vast golden brown paddy fields of Champagne and Picarde region in France, the purified extract provides the serum with a natural boost of pore-refining qualities and efficient moisture delivery to the skin.

Highlighted as one of the most stable whitening ingredient of Vitamin C with effortless absorption and delivery, Ascomate-C protects your skin from the harmful sun rays of UV radiation whilst providing efficient anti-aging and anti-oxidation properties. Upon combining with Vitaminic HSC P and Bio-Sodium Hyaluronate Powder; the serum’s water retention ability is greatly enhanced and improves skin elasticity, preserving your skin’s natural elegance and grace which makes it a great addition to your natural skincare routine.

Gya Labs also included their unique formulation in the serum which truly embodies Nature itself. By blending the refreshing Lemon essence originated from California farms and Sweet Orange extracted from fresh citrus peels in Brazil orchards, the potency of Vitamin C is remarkably improved. In addition, naturally cultivated enzymes distilled from traditional rice sake originated from the Lands of the Rising Sun, Japan are infused in the serum as well. Capable of moisture-locking, the fermented rice enzymes lighten fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin absorption, yielding a much smoother and hydrated skin.


Deeply moisturizes skin and locks in moisture

Promotes the natural healing abilities of the skin for regenerated, youthful skin

Revitalizes skin with the excellent properties of Vitamin E

Strengthened with Vitamin F to form protective barrier for skin


After cleansing, apply this trusted serum after toning. For best results, repeat every morning and evening.